How To Setup SAP BTP Trial Account And Create SAP HANA Cloud Database

When it comes to creating and integrating fresh services and apps for businesses, SAP’s Business Technology Platform is an extremely powerful cloud-based platform. BTP is a prime example of SAP‘s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and technologies to cater to the evolving needs of the digital age. It helps enterprises fully leverage the cloud by acting as a central hub for connecting resources from various contexts.


BTP offers a wide range of services and software to accommodate any company’s requirements. The package includes application & database administration along with analytics, unity, & security. Developers can use a broad variety of resources, like Java, Node.js, and Python, as well as ABAP, SAP’s programming language, to create state-of-the-art programs that integrate smoothly with the platform.

What is the SAP BTP Trial Account?

Trial Account holders can use SAP‘s cloud platform as well as its development resources, languages, and resources to build and release their applications. Before committing to the full-fledged premium edition, users can make use of this trial version for evaluating the platform’s abilities, examine its features, and assess its fit for their individual needs. Users can receive helpful insights into SAP’s cloud technologies & speed up their learning and growth journey with the SAP BTP Trial Account, despite its limits in terms of usage time and resource allotment.

What is SAP HANA Cloud Database?

The SAP HANA Cloud Database is an in-memory, digital-native, fully managed database as a service. It’s based on SAP’s high-powered HANA platform, which allows for both instantaneous data processing & sophisticated analytics. With SAP HANA Cloud, businesses can store, manage, and evaluate massive amounts of data in the cloud without investing heavily in database hardware or IT administration.

Organizations may take advantage of the SAP HANA Cloud Database’s in-memory computing capabilities for quicker data access and analysis than with conventional disk-based databases. Companies can now adapt quickly to shifting market conditions while creating data-driven decisions with assurance because of this rapidity and efficacy enabling real-time insights, rapid data analysis, and more rapid decision-making.

SAP HANA Cloud Database is a completely managed service that takes care of tedious but necessary activities like database administration, archives, & security so that businesses don’t have to. Without having to worry about the upkeep of their databases, organizations are free to concentrate on gaining insights from their data as well as creating cutting-edge applications.

In addition, SAP HANA Cloud Database is extremely scalable, so businesses can easily add or remove database nodes to meet fluctuating demand. With SAP HANA Cloud, organizations just pay for the resources they use, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste, whether that’s scaling up to handle high traffic or down during low-activity periods.

SAP HANA Cloud’s native cloud architecture allows it to be easily coupled with different SAP cloud solutions and services, allowing for a more unified and interconnected strategy to be taken when handling data or creating applications. It allows for a wide range of data modelling options and may accommodate a wide range of application needs by supporting many data storage types such as relational, graph, & document stores.

When it comes to cloud-based in-memory computing & advanced analytics, SAP HANA Cloud Database is an effective and versatile solution for enterprises. SAP HANA Cloud Database helps businesses succeed in today’s data-driven, always-on market with features like immediate processing, managed services, scalability, & seamless integration.

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What is the use of SAP Business Technology?

Businesses can extend and improve SAP’s pre-existing business solutions with the help of the SAP Business Technology Platform by developing custom, complete apps. These applications’ mobility across a wide variety of cloud deployment choices & device support provides scalability & adaptability. The platform’s backing for containerization and microservices design makes it easier for developers to build apps that are both flexible and scalable enough to adapt to the evolving needs of the business.

SAP BTP also offers a secure environment for handling confidential data and applications. Features including role-based access control, encryption, & multi-factor authentication help keep sensitive data secure and compliant with privacy laws.

BTP additionally promotes its numerous partners and programmers to work together cooperatively and creatively. It provides a marketplace for pre-made applications and add-ons to assist businesses move more quickly through the digital transformation process.

As technology advances and businesses work to maintain their competitive edge in a dynamic market, SAP Technology for Business Platform works to create and deploy new capabilities as well as products. By supporting innovative technologies like AI, ML, and the IoT, SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) promises to be a game-changer for businesses looking to thrive in the modern digital era and provide outstanding customer experience.

SAP’s cloud-based Business Technology Platforms is an adaptable and evolving tool that aids companies in innovating, integrating, and succeeding in the modern digital world.

As a catalyst for digital transformation, it helps organizations keep up with the times and grow. With its comprehensive set of services, flexible integration options, and persistent emphasis on security & collaboration, SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a reliable & future-proof platform that helps businesses accomplish their strategic goals and maintain a competitive edge.

To get started with SAP HANA Cloud, you need to create your trial instance. Because you are using a trial account, you will only be able to create one instance with a predefined size, which you see now on the screen. However, the process to create the instance is very similar to what you will see later if you choose to have a production instance of SAP HANA Cloud Training.

How To Create your trial SAP HANA Cloud instance in sap cloud foundry?

Follow these instructions to set up a test environment in SAP HANA Cloud:

  • Select SAP HANA Cloud from the list on the left.
  • Select New Instance from the menu.
  • To begin, enter a username within the Name area and proceed through the procedure.
  • The next step is to enter a Password & double-check it by retyping it.
  • In the end, the Description section allows you to provide a detailed explanation of this specific case.
  • To proceed with the wizard, select Step 2 on the left side.
  • This is where you’d modify your instance’s size in a live production setting. Your trial instance does not allow customizations.
  • To proceed, please select the third option.
  • The time has come to decide whether or not to activate the SAP HANA Data Lake. This is where you can modify the system’s total amount of “compute” & “storage” space in a production setting.
  • Now is the time to activate the data lake.
  • Enable all IP addresses & click Create Instances in the bottom right corner of the screen to proceed to Step 4.
  • To finish, select Create Instance & hit the button. Each tile displays its current state in its upper right corner.
  • Once the tile status switches to Running, your trial instance and the data lake in SAP HANA Cloud are operational.

Instance startup and shutdown

The last thing you need to know is how to terminate and restart your instance. Keep in mind that a trial run instance will be shut down at midnight local time (or its equivalent) in the server area. To begin using your trial again each day, you must start over your instance.

  • Simply selecting the Stop button located at an instance tile’s bottom will terminate the instance. It will only take a short while.
  • When you stop the instance, the tile’s status will change to Stop & the Stop button will become a Start button.
  • Simply selecting the Start button will restart the instance. After waiting a few moments, you will be able to view the current status of your instances at the very top.
  • It will switch to the green Running state when it is operational.
  • To integrate Hana DB with node.js or JAVA programs, you’ll need to use the provided endpoint.
  • Make HANA tables & schema.
  • Select SAP HANA Database Explorer from the Open In menu on the HANA instance screen.
  • In a new tab, launch SAP HANA Database Explorer & select the SQL console to begin designing your database’s schema & tables.
  • In the SQL console, run a query to create a sample table in HANA.
  • Using HANA Insert SQL queries, you may easily fill a sample table with data.

Sample data and tables have been pre-loaded into your HANA database instance. You can utilize the aforementioned instance in node.js, JAVA, or any other application that needs to show data as API.


In summary, SAP HANA is a game-changing innovation that has completely altered the face of data management & analytics. As an in-memory database & platform, it allows for the instantaneous processing of enormous datasets and sophisticated queries. Because it can process both transactional & analytical workloads, it can reduce data duplication & streamline data architecture.

SAP HANA has grown into an integral part of digital transformation initiatives because it accelerates the time it takes to derive value from a company’s data. Organizations can better respond to the ever-evolving business environment of the modern market by integrating real-time data analysis with sophisticated analytics tools.

With its in-memory features and connectivity with the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP HANA is a flexible platform for developing novel apps and solutions.