How To Reset Sonos Beam?

How To Reset Sonos Beam? The Sonos Beam is a popular soundbar that is known for its high-quality sound and ease of use. However, like any electronic device, it can encounter problems and require a reset. In this blog, we will go over the steps to reset your Sonos Beam.

How To Reset Sonos Beam?

Step 1: Unplug The Sonos Beam

The first step to resetting your Sonos Beam is to unplug it from the power source. Make sure to turn off any connected devices as well.

Step 2: Press And Hold The Button On The Back

On the back of the Sonos Beam, you will see a small button labeled “Join.” Press and hold this button for about 5 seconds until you see the LED light on the front of the device start to flash.

Step 3: Release The Button

After holding the button for 5 seconds, release it. The LED light on the front of the device will continue to flash.

Step 4: Wait For The Reset

Wait for about a minute while the Sonos Beam resets itself. The LED light on the front of the device will turn solid white once the reset is complete.

Step 5: Set Up The Sonos Beam

Once the reset is complete, you can set up your Sonos Beam again. Plug it back in and turn on any connected devices. Follow the setup instructions that appear on your mobile device or computer to connect to your WiFi network and configure the settings.

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How Do I Reconnect My Sonos Beam?

Add Beam to your existing system

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap System > Add Product.
  3. Follow the steps in the app to connect Beam to your Sonos system.

Why Is My Sonos Beam Not Connecting?

Check if the optical cable or the HDMI ARC cable are connected correctly to both the soundbar and the TV. In the case of an optical cable, also check if the red light near the input on the Playbar or Beam is on. If necessary, you can remove the cable from the soundbar and TV for a moment and then put it back in.

How Long Does Sonos Factory Reset Take?

Step 3: wait for the reset to complete

Within 30 seconds, the LED will flash green. Wait for that before continuing.

How Do I Get My Sonos To Recognize My Wifi?

Sonos S1 app

  1. Open the Sonos S1 app for iOS or Android and wait while it searches for your Sonos system.
  2. When you see the message “Unable to connect to Sonos,” tap Learn More.
  3. Tap Changed router or Wi-Fi settings.
  4. Follow the instructions to connect Sonos to your new router or Wi-Fi network.


Resetting your Sonos Beam is a simple process that can solve many issues with the device. By following these steps, you can reset your Sonos Beam and get it up and running again in no time. Remember to set up the device again after the reset, and make sure to check for any firmware updates that may be available to keep your Sonos Beam running smoothly.


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