All About Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping Rates, Safety & More  

All About Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping Rates, Safety & More

Choosing the right service involves making numerous important decisions. These include selecting a company, purchasing insurance if applicable and determining what vehicle you will ship from door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service – not to mention cost considerations.

Open carriers are often the least costly choice, as most companies prefer using open trailers that enable them to ship multiple vehicles simultaneously and increase their bottom line. Open transport offers drivers more convenience as they can set pickup and drop-off times that fit their individual schedules.

Enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open car shipping; however, enclosed provides superior protection for your vehicle during transit. Enclosed uses two-level or multi-car carriers capable of holding up to 10 cars simultaneously and is a popular choice among owners of classic and luxury cars that want their car safe from road debris and weather elements.

Whatever type you choose, quality service at an affordable price is available from various companies out there – do your research beforehand to find your perfect match. When comparing Open or enclosed shipping costs, take your budget and personal preferences into account. For instance, open carriers may be suitable if you’re sending a low-value vehicle; but enclosed carriers might be better for collector cars worth significant sums of money.


Shipping your car long distance can be challenging, so finding the most appropriate shipping method may require careful consideration of both cost and value. Your decision usually lies somewhere between your budget and type of car being transported.

Open auto transport is more cost-effective than enclosed and suitable for most standard vehicles, but may not offer enough protection during movement for classic or exotic cars that need special care during transit. Enclosed offers greater protection and can protect them from elements – it may be more expensive but is the better option when looking for peace of mind.

Enclosed car shipping services use specially-built trailers designed to safely secure and move your vehicle while it’s being shipped across country lines. These trailers provide more privacy for you while in transit, and professional handling and care by shipping companies help lower risks associated with damaged during shipment. However, due to this additional protection offered by shipping services it will make the service more expensive than traditional open auto transport methods.

Cost estimates for vehicle shipping vary significantly based on factors like size and weight of your car as well as additional services like door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery. Also important when pricing transport services: peak seasons can often lead to higher rates.


Your car shipped with an open carrier is subject to the elements while traveling; these elements include rain, wind, and snow – conditions which can expose it to raindrops, winds, or snowfall during transit, potentially damaging paint chips or grime accumulation resulting in chips or grime build-up resulting in paint chips or grime accumulation that could eventually cause more severe problems down the line. Therefore, it’s essential that if it comes into these conditions that it be cleaned thoroughly when it arrives.

Open carriers are a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to auto transport for many vehicle dealerships, typically providing adequate protection at lower costs and faster pickup and delivery times. If your concern lies within the security of an exotic or classic car, this type of transport is recommended instead.

Enclosed services provide fully enclosed trailers to protect your vehicle from weather and road debris during transport. Although more costly, this type can be an excellent solution for high-value or exotic vehicles.


Numerous considerations must be taken. Key among them include selecting an auto transport carrier and taking out auto transport insurance; other decisions may involve budgetary constraints and choosing door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service; ultimately your personal preferences will determine how secure you feel your vehicle should be during shipping.

If you are seeking an easy and cost-effective method, open carrier car shipping might be your answer. Open trailers are frequently utilized by carriers as a cost-cutting measure while still ensuring maximum protection for the vehicles they transport – making open carrier car shipping an attractive alternative for most drivers.

Open presents the main drawback in terms of vehicle exposure to weather or road debris during its transport, only worsened by climate change (source: although most cars shipped using this method remain well protected against such issues. Although cosmetic damage might still occur from exposure, this shouldn’t be a major problem unless transporting rare or classic cars.

Enclosed vehicle transport is typically reserved for owners of luxury, exotic or classic cars who are willing to pay an increased cost in return for increased security. Enclosed trailers offer maximum vehicle protection while simultaneously transporting fewer cars at one time, giving each one of them individual attention during its shipping process. Classic or exotic vehicle transport requires special consideration when moving between locations and enclosed shipping is more expensive and more challenging to schedule depending on carrier availability.